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Supporting women, families and birthing people across Peterborough, Stamford, Kettering, Oundle, North Cambridgeshire, Rutland and surrounding area. I can support you at home, in a Midwife led unit , on a Consultant led unit (labour ward) and I can even support you if you have a caesarean section, planned or unplanned.

"How we give birth matters - and not just for the day itself. An empowering, confident start can have a lifelong impact on the physical and emotional health of both mum and baby" Milli Hill

I truly believe (and have witnessed many times) that it is not the venue that makes the difference, it is the environment that counts and this can be created anywhere with the right support and a little bit of negotiation!


After an initial meeting (free of charge) to discuss your needs we can arrange a package of care to suit. Every pregnancy and birth experience is unique and I will talk with you and your partner about YOUR needs to establish that I am the right person for you. A typical package would include:

Antenatal visits

We will meet at least twice before your due date to discuss previous experiences, birth preparation and birth preferences. I will try to answer any questions you have and help you find any information you need. You can contact me by phone or email at any time after you have confirmed your booking.

On-call & birth

The on-call period would normally be for the four weeks around your estimated due date (2 weeks before and 2 weeks after). You can call me at anytime and I can meet you at your home or your chosen hospital. I will support you (and your partner) during your labour and birth gently making suggestions, reminding you of your options, explaining what is happening and helping you to be cared for according to your birth plan. I will remain with you until after the birth to ensure that you are happy and settled. If needed, I will  work with a ‘back-up’ doula to ensure that you have support at all times.

Postnatal visits

I would typically visit twice after the birth. These visits would normally be to discuss how the birth went and check that feeding is going according to plan. I am trained as a breastfeeding peer supporter and can give some information on breastfeeding and direct you to professional help if its needed. You could use the time however you want, perhaps you would like to have a nice long bath while I mind the baby or I could be an extra pair of hands with other children.

Verina Henchy doula, homeopath and hypnobirthing teacher

Verina Henchy doula and doula trainer, homeopath and hypnobirthing teacher

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